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Author: Christine Williamson
Date: 09.24.2018

How to Shop Online Like a Total Pro

The Internet has brought so many good things into our lives—and online retail is one of the foremost examples! Shopping online allows you to save time and money, and the convenience just can’t be beat. But like anything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it—and if you’re going to get the most out of your online shopping experience, it’s important to think it through.

What to Buy & What NOT to Buy

For example, there are some items that really lend themselves to being purchased online—and other items that really don’t.

We’ll start with that first category—the things you can safely buy on the Internet. This category includes all of your staples—things like socks and underwear. Once you know what your size is, there’s really no need for fittings, and little reason why you’d have to handle the merchandise before purchasing. Buying online can be a savvy way to get these items quickly and inexpensively.

When it comes to tailored clothing, though, well that’s another matter. Whether you’re talking about a suit or a pair of swimming trunks, fit matters a great deal, and buying without trying on can lead to some slovenly-looking clothing. These are the items you may not want to purchase on the Web.

Know Your Sizes

Of course, you may occasionally come across some online deals you don’t want to pass up, and in those cases, it’s vital to at least know your sizes. Visiting a tailor to get measured can really be beneficial here; get all your numbers, and store them on your phone so that you’ll always have them handy while you browse. Height, waist, sleeve, neck—all of these are important figures to have ready.

If you’re not able to visit a tailor, at least measure your current favorite pieces in your closet—the ones that fit really well—to get a sense of what your numbers are.

And by the way: We’d also recommend that you get re-measured every six months or so. Your body changes over the course of the year—most of us pack on a few extra pounds over the holiday season, for instance—and you’ll want to account for all of that.

Finally, take advantage of store size guides—and also, just in case… make sure you’re up to speed on return policies!

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