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Author: Christine Williamson
Date: 11.05.2018

How to Wear a Vest

Traditionally, the vest has always been part of a larger ensemble, a key player within the classic three-piece-suit lineup. And certainly, every gentleman needs a few vests that can easily be worn under a jacket or a blazer, providing a complete look for weddings and black-tie events.

With that said, it’s increasingly common to ditch the outer layer and to wear a vest more casually—but the question is, how do you pull it off? How do you rock a vest in a laid-back setting without looking like you’re trying too hard?

We’ve got a few tips to share with you below.

Look Great in Your Vest

Here’s how to ace the casual vest look.

  1. It starts with a snug-fitting shirt. The last thing you want is to look like a pirate, with poofy sleeves or big bunches of fabric spilling out of the vest. Make sure you have some properly fitting shirts to wear under your vest, or else don’t even bother. As for shirt material, don’t be afraid to go for something fairly casual—like oxford or chambray—just so long as it’s a button-up.
  2. Ditch the tie. You don’t need a tie when you’re going for a casual look, though if you really want to wear one, make sure it’s something like knit or cotton.
  3. You also need a vest that fits properly. A snug-fitting vest is desirable. As for length, the side of your vest should reach down to your belt.
  4. Don’t fasten the lower button. As with suit jackets, we recommend that you leave the bottom button of your vest undone.
  5. Dress it down with the proper pants. If you’re going for the casual vibe, either chinos or jeans will work just fine. A slimmer fit—consistent with the vest itself—is ideal here.

Bring Versatility to Your Vest

These rules are simple, and they should set you on the right course toward wearing your vest casually, and properly. This, in turn, should make your vests all the more versatile—go-to clothing items you can reach for on many different occasions.

This is a look we really think will last, much like the vest itself has. The next time you’re shopping, consider picking up a vest—to say nothing of some casual shirts and pants to accompany it. There’s no jacket or blazer required!

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