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Author: Christine Williamson
Date: 09.10.2018

Why the Classic Denim Shirt is a Closet Staple

There are certain articles of clothing that are just staples—maintaining their appeal through the years, across the seasons, and in the face of changing fashions and trends. Generally, the sign of a closet staple is versatility. A closet staple is something you can roll into any number of outfits, and wear in a plurality of occasions.

As a case in point, the classic denim shirt more than fits that bill. It looks good with jeans or khakis; with sneakers or with boots; with almost any jacket you want to pair it with. It absolutely belongs in your closet—so if you don’t have one already, stop reading and go get one.

And once you have your classic denim shirt, make sure you know all the ways you can make it shine. We’ll offer a few favorite examples.

Use it as Your Jacket

For low-key travel days, you might wear your denim shirt on top of an all-black, jeans-and-T-shirt ensemble. Not only will the blue denim break up your color monotony, but it will also give you some extra pocket space to work with—a win-win!

Get Layered

When the weather outside is frightful, don’t hesitate to make denim part of your winter layering. Try this: A flannel or plaid shirt; a denim shirt worn over it, like a jacket; and a leather jacket on top of it all. It looks good and it will keep you warm!

Wrap Yourself in Denim

Can denim on denim ever be a good look? You bet! There are a couple of tricks, though. First, you have to get the washes right. Your jeans and your shirt should look similar, but not identical. Balance is key. And then there’s the shoes. A good pair of brown boots will probably work best. Play up the “Western” vibe for the best results!

Go for a Casual Vibe

A denim shirt can look really good even when mixed in with your street clothes—whether that’s camo pants or even some well-worn khakis. And don’t be afraid to pair your denim shirt with sneakers!

Embrace Denim as a Closet Staple

You just shouldn’t have to live without certain items of clothing. The classic denim shirt is definitely one of them. Make sure you have one hanging in your closet—and experiment with some different combinations that allow that denim shirt to stand out!

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