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Author: patrick
Date: 01.04.2018

Ready To Get Out of the Country This Winter?

Winter blues getting you down? There’s no cure like travel. Get a change of scenery, and a change of perspective. Get out of the country altogether during the cold season. We’ll list a few destinations to consider.

Vietnam. There are some major cities in Vietnam—think Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh—that provide immersion into metropolitan Asia, allowing you to soak up much of the flavor that makes eastern culture unique. The best part is, these are extremely affordable cities to visit, making them great for travel destinations that are off the beaten path, but on budget.

Spain. We’ll recommend the region of Galicia, in particular—an expanse in the northwest part of the country that is still, in many respects, a frontier. If you’re in search of exploration and wide open spaces, this is a great place to turn—and by the way, you’ll get some opportunities for exceptional seafood and tapas, too!

Costa Rica. Parts of Costa Rica have become fairly tourist-y, but if you head to the Caribbean coast, you’ll find a Costa Rica that still feels earthy and authentic, not overrun with resorts and vacationing Americans.

Western Australia. Want to visit the great, uncharted outdoors? Or to spend your time soaking up culture in a major metropolitan area? Fly into Australia and you can get a little of both, discovering vast landscapes while also finding some familiarity in the City of Perth.

Belgium. In particular, we’ll put in a vote for a city called Liege—long a blue-collar town, but more recently evolved into a booming center for food, art, and culture. Here’s a great, low-key way to get the European experience.

Morocco. If you’ve seen Casablanca, you know that Morocco’s most famous city has long been a gateway between African and European culture. Its status as a one-of-a-kind geographic melting pot hasn’t diminished over the years.

Borneo. A green, heavily forested island near Malaysia, Borneo has long been considered too exotic for anyone but the most daring tourist. Today, it’s a bit more accessible, but still a great place to head if you want something wild and untamed.

The world is an expansive place, and there’s still plenty of adventures to be had. Schedule yours for this winter. Go abroad, perhaps to one of these destinations, and get outside your comfort zone!

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