Based in Los Angeles & founded in 2016 Mercy & Loyal sets out to bring true American craftsmanship from the perspective of Patrick Radcliffe.

Patrick’s take on fashion is a blend of his Canadian roots infused with NY & Los Angeles narratives.

Our silhouettes are tailored, with high-quality craftsmanship from highly selected fabric mills from around the world. Stylish comfort is our stake in the game. The majority of Mercy & Loyal’s products are made in the USA or imported from renowned production facilities from around the world. As Patrick always states, “quality should mean longevity”.

Patrick’s introduction to fashion started at a young age with his Grand Mother who was a dressmaker in London & NY for brands such as Liz Claiborne. Patrick Radcliffe’s mother was in the beauty industry and helped forge the path for brands like Revlon.

Patrick Radcliffe accredits his attention to quality & detail from his real estate background in NYC. "We're making something that's a representation of someone’s personality. Something that someone wants to live in".